Rebecca Adams, Ph.D.Undergraduate Program Coordinator and Professor 336.334.3527
[email protected]
Elise Eifert, Ph.D.Graduate Program Coordinator336.315.7382
[email protected]
Chantelle S. Caro, Ph.D.APT Assistant Professor, Program GROWTH Coordinator336.334.5147
[email protected]

Affiliated Faculty

Clinton Allred, Ph.D.Nutrition336.256.0266[email protected]
Martin Anderson, Ph.D.Economics336.334.3904[email protected]
John Borchert, Ph.D.Religious Studies336.334.5762[email protected]
Frances Bottenberg, Ph.D.Philosophy [email protected]
Anne Brady, Ph.D.Kinesiology [email protected]
Brittany Cassidy, Ph.D.Psychology [email protected]
Arran CazaEconomics336.334.5691[email protected]
Kristen Christman, Ph.D.Communication Studies [email protected]
Sena Crutchley, M.A., CCC-SLPCommunication Sciences and Disorders336.256.2003[email protected]
Jennifer Etnier, Ph.D.Kinesiology336.334.3037[email protected]
Melissa Floyd-Pickard, Ph.D.Social Work336.209.5293[email protected]
Justin Harmon, Ph.D.Community and Therapeutic Recreation336.256.0431[email protected]
Autumn Henson, DNP, GNP-BC, WCCPost-BSN-AGNP Concentration Coordinator Assistant Clinical Professor336.256.2002[email protected]
Jiyoung Hwang, Ph.D.Marketing336.334.4472[email protected]
William Karper, Ed.D.Kinesiology336.334.3035[email protected]
Laurie Kennedy-Malone, Ph.D., GNP-BCNursing336.454.6406[email protected]
Noah Lenstra, Ph.D.Library and Information Studies [email protected]
Susan Letvak, Ph.D., RN, FAANNursing336.256.1024[email protected]
Kristine Lundgren, Sc.D.Communication Sciences and Disorders336.334.5184[email protected]
Lori A. Lupe, DNP, CCRN-K, NEA-BCInterim Program Director DNP, Clinical Professor336.553.6056[email protected]
Jaclyn Maher, Ph.D.Kinesiology [email protected]
Kimberly D. Miller, M.S., CPRPCommunity and Therapeutic Recreation336.334.4480[email protected]
Jessica Obermeyer, Ph.D.Communication Sciences and Disorders [email protected]
Rachel OlsenCommunication & Social Sciences, Librarian [email protected]
Tamaki OnishiPolitical Science336.256.0523[email protected]
Dan Perlman, Ph.D.Human Development and Family Studies [email protected]
Jay Poole, Ph.D.Social Work [email protected]
Meredith Powers, Ph.D., MSWSocial Work [email protected]
Louisa Raisbeck, Ph.D.Kinesiology [email protected]
B. Burgin Ross, M.S., R.D., L.D.N.Nutrition336.334.5081[email protected]
Catherine Sevier, Dr.PH, RNAffiliated Faculty [email protected]
David Sevier, M.S.Affiliated Faculty [email protected]
Sudha Shreeniwas, Ph.D.Human Development and Family Studies336.256.0269[email protected]
Yingcheng Sun, Ph.D.Computer Science [email protected]
Chris Wahlheim, Ph.D.Psychology336.334.5014[email protected]

Important Contacts

Undergraduate Program Coordinator

Rebecca Adams

[email protected]

Graduate Program Coordinator

Elise Eifert

[email protected]

GROWTH Coordinator

Chantelle S. Caro

[email protected]

Contact Department

Elise Eifert


Chantelle Caro


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